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You can choose the application target from the list below. We recommend you also read the more specific application instructions from the Funds website: Application instructions and more information about the University of Helsinki Funds.

The University of Helsinki Funds offers grants and scholarships only to students and researchers of the University of Helsinki (the only exception is The Cooperative Teaching and Research Fund). If you are a student or a researcher at the University of Helsinki, but you don´t have the University of Helsinki username and password or if you have any other questions please contact

Undergraduate students
Post-graduate students and researchers

Application form works with the Web browsers Firefox 4 (or newer), Internet Explorer 9 (or newer), Chrome and Safari (up-to-date versions).

You can return to the Aava Portal to check and alter both your drafts and final applications during the application period. The application system will send an affirmative e-mail to the address you give when the application has been submitted as a draft and as a final application for the first time. In the affirmation e-mail there is a link that you can use to return to the system to check and alter your application during the application period.

Undergraduate students

Postgraduate students and researchers